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MAA provides industry focused workshops and training in preparation for a life in today's film and television industries. Designed to compliment your other studies - MAA is 'Inside the Industry'!


Work intimately with one of Australia’s most prolific and sought after Casting Directors 


What you will learn  

  • How to audition with individuality
  • Your brand role(s)
  • Tips and techniques for self testing
  • How to deliver your break out role to Agents and Casting Directors
  • Why your actor photo does not get you work and how to change that
  • The relationship with your agent - or how to get an agent - or how to get a better one

You will do three auditions in the room plus a self test prior to the workshop. You will have an exercise to achieve between the two sessions. We will identify and explore your brand. You will walk out of the workshop empowered to take control of your career. You will have the opportunity to do a self test – prior to the workshop – and I will give you feedback in the room.

dates  |  Sat 25th & Sun 26th JUNE  time  |  (group 1) 9am - 1pm (group 2) 2pm - 6pm 

fee  |  $340  venue  |  8 Munster Terrace, North Melbourne

disclaimer | Actors attending this workshop understand that the presence of a Casting Director is not a guarantee or promise of employment. All actors should further understand that the intent of this class is solely educational and not a form of job interview or audition.


GREG APPS Casting Director  |  “When I started casting, we did all our contracts on a typewriter, with blue carbon paper for the copies. Project briefs were sent out in the mail. I received agent submissions by mail or courier. By return mail I sent out the audition sides. And auditions were done on video tapes that were as big as a brick.”

Quite possibly, Greg Apps has been casting since before you were born. He has been casting full-time since first starting as a casting director in the Melbourne drama department of the ABC (Australia) in 1982.

He has amassed an impressive list of feature credits. Over 65 at last count. Along the way has launched the careers of several major Australian actors including Russell Crowe in Romper Stomper, Hugo Weaving in Proof as a blind photographer (yes, you read right), and Eric Bana in the jaw dropping Chopper.

In 2006, he was included in the industry magazine IF, in their annual list of the twenty most influential people in the Australian film industry. He served on the Board of Directors for the AFI for seven years and he was recently voted in as the inaugural president of the Casting Guild of Australia.

But his casting credits are not the main reason for his longevity.

It’s his understanding of the digital age and the opportunities it’s created for actors. (He has, and to this day remains, at the forefront of technological changes for actors.)
It’s not simply the ability to deliver a self test, but the understanding of how social media has changed the way an actor connects to a casting director.

“Relentlessly honest”, “Engaging”, “A Communicator” are some of the comments from students about his abilities.

BIOGRAPHY |  Greg has cast ground breaking Australian films such as “Proof” (Hugo Weaving and Russell Crowe in their breakout roles) , “Romper Stomper” (Jacqueline McKenzie’s first film) also starring Crowe and “Heaven Tonight” (Guy Pearce’s first film).

Since then, a number of iconic Australian films followed: “Love and Other Catastrophes” (first film for Radha Mitchell and Frances O’Connor) and “The Interview” (with Hugo Weaving’s award winning performance). “Chopper” starring the captivating Eric Bana as Chopper Reid soon followed this. Later on, “Gettin Square” also saw the emergence of a very young Sam Worthington.

Greg also cast the first US feature out of Sydney’s Fox Studios “Mission: Impossible II” for Paramount starring Tom Cruise. Other US projects follows: “Queen of the Dammed”, “Garage Days” and “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage. “Wasted on the Young” came next followed by the big budget smash, “James Cameron’s Sanctum”.

And it doesn’t stop there! Greg has also cast “Jungle Child”, “The Straits”, “The Killing Field”, “An Accidental Soldier”, “Felony”, written by and starring Joel Edgerton and of recent the World War I series “The Gallipoli Story”, working closely with Matchbox Pictures director Michael Rymer and producer Sam Worthington.


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